Indranil Committee Member

Indranil - Committee MemberHolds an MA in Science of Living and Preksha Meditation and also a Post Graduate in Yoga Therapy. Currently he is a faculty in Jadavpur University, teaching Yoga.

Sonai Sen Committee Member

Sonai Sen - Committee MemberAn MSC in Yoga Therapy takes personal classes. She is also attached with Swami Vivekananda District Yoga and Wellness Centre, West Bengal which promotes Yoga among different districts in West Bengal.

Amit Mandal Committee Member

A Computer Science Graduate has been working with prisoners of different jails and supervised sports events in Presidency Jail. He is also working along with Rachana in providing Educational support to Prisoners children for the last 6 years.

Rachana Secretary

Rachana - SecretaryA Yoga teacher by Profession, she has been taking Yoga classes in different well renowned schools in Kolkata for the last 6 years. She also has been teaching Yoga to the prisoners of different jails and providing Educational support to their children for the last 10 years. This Prisoner’s Children Education Project and our NGO are all because of her effort and hard work.

Suman Maity President

Suman Maity - PresidentA Post Graduate in Yoga Therapy, teaches in school, and also taught Yoga to the Inmates of Presidency Correctional home, Kolkata.