Our Work


When a Person is put behind bars, for a crime which is to be decided by the Honorable Court, his life is immediately filled with uncertainty and darkness. The family losses the sole bread earner and survival becomes very difficult.
The family, who now had to work, not only to support their living but also had to take care of the court case expenses. The worst sufferers are the children of the Prisoners, left back at home, who are surrounded by an unhealthy atmosphere where in the absence of Protection and Guidance are susceptible to follow the path of crime.
At this critical situation when survival becomes top priority for a family, imparting education to their children takes a back stage. This is where our NGO “SUAKRITI” steps in and renders support to these vulnerable children with effective Guardianship and shouldering their educational responsibilities.


  • We meet West Bengal Prisons Directorate officials at Writer’s building to obtain a list of children who need educational support.
  • Then we visit their places & access their present condition and the possibility of their education.
  • Get in touch with the nearby schools and organize their admission.
  • Constantly keep in touch with school authorities to monitor the progress of the child.
  • We inspire and motivate the children for continuing their education.
  • Providing moral support to the prisoner’s family who generally live as outcasts and had to bear the brunt of Society.
  • We promise full educational support to the prisoner’s family.
  • Yearly reports are sent to the Prisons Directorate, West Bengal, about the education & progress of the child.

The educational support that we give corresponds to the following:

  • School admission fees.
  • Monthly School fees.
  • Examination fees.
  • Uniform.
  • School bag, Tiffin box and water bottle.
  • Books and note books.
  • Computer Fees.
  • Games & Sports.
  • Miscellaneous as required.

Our target is to adopt 100 such Prisoner’s Children. We cover the education from L.K.G to class XII but are also supporting those children for completing their Graduation course if the financial condition of the family is very poor and if the child is eager to study further.